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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Prosa API Console?

The Prosa API Console is a web application to explore, purchase, and manage the use of Prosa Services (APIs), which can be leveraged in your own code.

What are "Applications" and "API Keys" in the context of Prosa API Console?

An Application represents your purchased plan. API Keys are the credentials with which to use Prosa Services in your own code. API Keys are created through an Application. After creation, you may subsequently "top-up" your Application with any paid plan.

How do I retrieve my API Key?

Once you have registered an account and have created an Application for a particular Service, you can generate and retrieve API Keys from the Application's Details page, accessed via the service's Manage Applications page.

How do I register for a free plan?

All Prosa services include a limited-use free plan, which can be accessed through each service's Product Home, under the Get Started section. Users are limited to one free plan per service.

How do I pay for non-free plans?

We utilize Midtrans as our payment gateway. Several payment methods are available for your convenience. Simply follow the instructions during application creation and you will be redirected to the Midtrans gateway with further payment instructions. Applications can be created through the Manage Applications page of the service, or through the Pricing section in the Product Home of each service.

How can I upgrade an Application to a larger plan?

At any time, you may purchase a paid plan from the application's details page, and your application will be "topped-up" appropriately. Note that while your new quota is always added to your old (current) quota, the expiration date is updated to use the longer of the new and current expiration dates.

How much does Prosa API's cost?

Prose API's have several types of packages. Please see the the Pricing Section at each service for current pricing information.

Prosa Text To Speech Service

What is Prosa Text To Speech Service?

The Prosa Text to Speech Service, or TTS API, is a service that transforms text into human-like speech. It enables developers to build services that speak naturally and create more engaging interactions across many applications and devices.

Why should I use Prosa Text To Speech API?

With our API, you will get access to our state-of-the-art technology we have spent years maturing so you don’t need to worry about time, cost, and effort for building it in-house.

Which languages are supported by the API?

Prosa Text To Speech API only supports Indonesian language including formal and non-formal, also some popular english terms.

What features are available?

Prosa TTS API provides multiple voice characters and prosody. It also allows you to control various aspects of speech such as volume, pitch, and speech rate.

Which audio formats are supported?

Prosa TTS API supports MP3, WAV, and OPUS audio stream formats.

Which programming languages are supported?

Prosa Text To Speech API is an HTTP REST API, so you can implement your own access layer.

My results are not always accurate. Why?

Like any other data-driven system, our TTS API may make mistakes from time to time. If you are unsatisfied with the pronunciation of the synthesized speech, try generating audio from shorter snippets of text at a time. For example, instead of submitting an entire paragraph, try submitting a sentence or phrase instead. Any feedback or reports regarding inaccurate results are appreciated.

How do I get started with Prosa TTS Custom Voice?

If you are interested in creating your own brand voice using Prosa TTS technology, please contact us for further information.


We do our best to make this documentation clear and user friendly, but if you have any unanswered questions, do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at