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Prosa Webhook API

Prosa Webhook API allows you to receive notifications on running jobs. Prosa uses HTTPS and JSON to send these events to your application. You can listen and use these events to execute actions.

Events Overview

Events are produced by various triggers and are given a specific event type which can then be filtered by your application.

Source Trigger Event Type Payload
STT API When a job is completed Schema
STT API When a job failed Schema


Prosa Webhook is still experimental and under development. A webhook dashboard is not yet available, but you can manage webhook endpoints and events via our publicly available REST API. See Webhook Swagger.

Receiving Webhook Events

Using the following steps, you can start receive events:

  1. Create an HTTP endpoint on your server which handle Prosa events.
  2. Deploy your endpoint as a publicly accessible HTTPS URL.
  3. Create a corresponding webhook endpoint using Prosa webhook REST API.
  4. Invoke test events using Prosa webhook REST API.