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Getting Started

Before using a Prosa Service or API in your own code, you will need to obtain service credentials in the form of an API key. This API key will need to be included in the header of each HTTP request you make to the service's endpoints. Requests without the proper credentials are unathenticated and will fail.

Before you begin

  1. Register an account at the Prosa API Console.
  2. Create your first application in Prosa API Console.

  3. Choose a service.

  4. Click Get Started to create your free application.
  5. Your first application will be created automaticaly and listed in the Manage Application page.

  6. Get an API key to access your selected service.

  7. From Manage Application, select your application to load application details.

  8. Click the Generate Credential Key button to generate an API key.

  9. Your API key is ready. Copy and paste to your own project.

Using the API

Once you have your API key, you can use it to authenticate requests to the Prosa API by including your API key in the X-Api-Key header. Requests to the API must be authorized by adding the X-Api-Key in the header.

Please refer to each service's API Reference for more details about the Base URL, paths, parameters and other details.


We do our best to make this documentation clear and user friendly, but if you have unanswered questions, please send email to